Success Story - RPO

Working with a Leading Energy Technology Supplier

NES Fircroft has been the RPO provider for a World-leading energy technology supplier since 2010. We started in Asia Pacific, with a team of 8 supporting permanent recruitment activities, and have since grown to cover the entirety of the Eastern Hemisphere. 

As of November 2018, we broke ground into North America too, with our first team deployed to cover the Permian Basin in West Texas.

The Challenge

Our many years of working with the client has enabled us to build-up an in-depth understanding of their practices and needs.

In July 2017, our client underwent a successful merger with another major energy service provider. After 12 months of reviewing both legacy companies processes, systems and personnel, the new organisation decided that the Legacy Talent Acquisition delivery model would be adopted across the whole organisation. This was testament to the quality of the delivery model of the NES RPO which was already in place and had an immensely successful track record of delivering outstanding on-site recruitment to the organisation in the Eastern Hemisphere for the last 8 years, with over 17,000 hires made during that time.

Extending the Talent Acquisition model meant that the RPOs would now cover the hiring needs of the organisation that was almost 80,000 strong, as opposed to the former size which was half this.

We were given less than 6 weeks’ notice of this increased scope, which would require us to double our teams and ensure that team members were fully trained not just on products, but also on systems, processes and personnel, all of which were very different to each business previously.

The Solution

To support the merger, from Oct 17 to Oct 18, we grew from 23 to 73 recruiters.

Our client's global support team is now 131 strong, spread across 24 countries, speaking 21 languages.

Since the merger, using our Oil & Gas expertise built from over 4 decades of operation, combined with our huge network of candidates, our experienced recruiters have used their discipline specific knowledge to deliver the hiring of 4,600+ individuals, with an average of 38 days to offer, far surpassing industry averages.

In the first 3 months following the merger, we had:

  • Added an additional 32 team members
  • Ran 18 training sessions in collaboration with the client
  • Processed 795 new positions across the legacy GE Oil & Gas business
  • Reduced client average time to source by 10% in less than 1 quarter

Client Testimonial:

‘NES enabled us to remain cost efficient by keeping agency hires to below 1% across the Eastern Hemisphere, and have maintained over 95% hiring manager satisfaction, in a very challenging environment.
Vice President – Talent Acquisition & Workforce Demand

NES Added Value


Germany: Our client was looking to ramp up recruitment of C# & C++ developers in Europe and were interested in looking at supply & demand and the likelihood of them relocating to Celle as the local market was narrow; skilled candidates did not see our client as a major player in the software development industry. We worked with our partners (AMS) to conduct market mapping and talent hotspot analysis to identify geographic areas we should be targeting for talent, and building and broadcasting a message promoting our client's EVP. We then mapped key talent individuals from targeted companies to potentially approach for employment with our client.

Algeria: We replicated this approach within Measurement and Controls for a sales leader in Algeria, Regional Sales Managers for Dubai and an Inspection Technology Sales Leader.

MENAT: : We have been tasked with Female Finance Mapping, an industry agnostic mapping of female talent with 10 or more years’ finance experience in order to source talent at Finance Manager Level.


The Talent Acquisition model had significant budget restraints that did not leave room for media spend. Therefore as a function, we were unable to adequately advertise and delivery a strategic sourcing solution back to the business.

We reviewed our cost model and designed a way for the business and operations to pay for media spend in a fee-per-use approach which meant that Talent Acquisition would not need to foot the bill. We then exploited our economies of scale with having multiple media needs across multiple client accounts to negotiate aggressively with media outlets to secure pricing far more competitive than what our client would have been able to secure if they went out on their own.

The result back to our client was a fit for purpose media solution, with no wasted spend, and at far cheaper prices.

The Results

The hires we’ve attracted have significantly contributed to our client's goals of localisation and diversity, far surpassing industry averages and enabling them to meet their commitments;

  • 3,212 were local hires, including in very challenging regions such as Saudi Arabia and Africa
  • 562 were women, in regions with poor female engagement in the Oil & Gas sector

To achieve these targets, our recruiters’ local expertise was critical, ensuring the best sourcing strategies were deployed. 


With this project we won the award for “Outstanding outsourced recruitment organisation”


"Set against a backdrop of a highly competitive decline in the oil and gas industry, NES demonstrated exceptional levels of agility, tenacity and resilience in relation to their approach to budgets, the commercials and attraction."

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