Drive change

The importance of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in building robust and innovative teams cannot be overstated, and our consulting approach goes beyond traditional metrics, incorporating a broad spectrum of diversity markers, tailored to align with your local business needs.

Our dedicated teams drive initiatives across all aspects of diversity, including gender, local communities, refugees, veterans, and minorities - a comprehensive approach that ensures you connect with the widest possible audience to strengthen your talent pipeline.

Plus we work with you to implement compensation, benefits and work conditions improvements that are specifically relevant to diverse candidates including relocation and flexible working arrangements, putting your brand at the forefront of driving change in engineering.

Tap into a broader talent pool

  • Candidate-preparedness and returnship programmes
  • Philanthropic outreach
  • Partnerships with diverse audience targeted platforms, local schools and training institutions
  • Social media including voice of employee videos
  • Networking events and on-site hiring events
  • ERG collaborations

Removing bias from the recruitment process

Optimised Job Ads

Our job advert technology ensures we deliver a well-written and fully optimised ad, aimed at reducing barriers to work and removing biases in hiring practice; ensuring that equitable and inclusive terminology is used in all your job postings.

Ensuring accessibility

Our website accessibility tool ensures your job adverts are accessible to all, by allowing visitors to customise the content so that they can consume it in ways that work best for them – including the use of larger fonts, audio prompts and text translation.

Technology enabled

With one of the largest databases in the engineering industry, we apply recruitment automation software and industry leading search and match technology to all our searches, automatically removing gender bias as part of the process. 

Unbiased contact

Once we have identified a target pool, we use chatbot technology to focus on driving inclusive candidate engagement. Interacting with candidates by phone, text message, video call, or email in a way that eliminates bias. 

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