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We’ve been delivery market-leading outsourced solutions contingent workforce solutions across the globe for over 10 years. Combining expert recruiters with state-of-the-art technology, we can optimise both employer and candidate experience, improve quality of hire and give our customers exactly what they need, every single time.

Managed Service Provision


Our MSP workforce solutions are both agile and flexible, so your business can deal with any hiring challenge.

  • Source the right people for your organisation
  • On-board and manage the mobilisation of talent to your site
  • Ensure local compliance and risk management
  • Full visibility and control of recruitment spend
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We’ve got you covered

NES Advantage can assume full responsibility for managing your contract workforce on site, leaving you free to focus on your other responsibilities. Our team integrates seamlessly with yours, delivering a strong focus on health and safety, compliant onboarding and building your brand presence. We offer outstanding data analytics combined with market rate benchmarking to support workforce planning and business continuity, adjusting your resource levels to meet your changing business requirements.

Save you time and money

The efficiencies we can offer typically produce savings of over 10% on the total cost of ownership of contractor workforces and reduce your time-to-hire by up to 50%.

Local mobilisation support

With right people recruited, we take care of all aspects of mobilisation, from arranging visas and work permits to accommodation and ensuring payment in the local currency.

Fully compliant solutions

We ensure all contractors engaged through the deployed model are working compliantly to local regulations across all key areas such as visas, taxation and insurance cover.

Enabled by technology

All activity is underpinned by Vendor Management System (VMS)  and additional integration with Talent Pool technology and data analytics.

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