Whether you need a long-term partner or a solution for a specific project, our RPO services give your talent management programme the edge by streamlining and standardising your processes for full visibility and control.

  • Improved control over total cost of hiring
  • Standardised processes for greater efficiency
  • Accurate reporting for better insight
  • Ensure you meet diversity targets and the demands of critical projects 
  • Adapt and scale more quickly in line with business needs 
  • Build a talent database and talent bench to tackle skills gaps 
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We’ve got your talent management covered

Whether you’re operating in existing or emerging markets, or whether you’re outsourcing your direct hiring function in part or in full, you can rest easy with NES Advantage. We have decades of experience, an enviable international footprint and ready-established talent pools, meaning we can scale up and down at speed, to respond to changes in numbers and locations.

Flexible, targeted solutions

We’ll raise your brand equity through targeted marketing campaigns and work in partnership with you to meet your delivery targets.

Excellence at all levels

From C-Suite to entry level hiring, we’ll ensure high quality recruitment enabling your teams to get on with their day jobs.

Powered by technology

Our technology can sync with your incumbent systems and deliver sophisticated reporting for all your recruitment activity.

Save time and money

Streamlined processes and excellent cost control means we can typically reduce cost per hire by 25-40% and your time-to-hire by up to 50%.

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