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As the technology landscape becomes ever more complicated, our goal is to help our customers create a seamless technology ecosystem, working with you to understand your core needs and then select the most appropriate solution for your business. Simplifying your contingent workforce technology is crucial for effectively managing a flexible workforce, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and strategic decision-making.

Advantage through analytics

We can give you the edge in the engineering market through better analysis. Our robust data helps you stay ahead of competitors by providing enriched insights to support your decision making.

A comprehensive suite of reporting dashboards, templates and analytic tools provides you with:

  • Tailored reporting that measures programme success and provides trends and insights in real time.
  • Market-leading analytics on rates by integrating external data with hundreds of thousands of global NES Advantage data points.
  • Predictive analytics, market insights, talent trends, and insight into locations and mobility opportunities.
  • Bespoke analytics portal providing real-time data, insights and benchmarking.

Advice and Strategy Services

If you need expert advice on choosing and implementing HR technologies—including ATS/CRM, VMS, Talent Community, advertising, and assessments—NES Advantage is here to help. We specialise in resolving your talent challenges through smart technology use, enhancing business efficiency and freeing up your team to focus on other priorities.

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