With a real depth of knowledge in the engineering and energy sector, global coverage and experienced people operating on the ground exactly where you need them, NES Advantage delivers local workforce solutions that really work. 

You could say, we offer global workforce engineering for global engineering workforces.

Our Core Values

Our brand values are our DNA, they make us who we are an inform the way we do things. In our day-to-day activities, this is the stuff that really matters.

We're a team

We're one team, working together locally and globally, in true partnership with our clients to achieve their goals and our collective vision.

We're fully committed

We're dynamic and responsive, taking an ownership mindset and a personal responsibility to get the job done.

We put the customer first

Everything we do is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients, contractors, and candidates - they deserve to benefit from our knowledge, experience and our best efforts.

We're adaptable

We're flexible and able to develop bespoke solutions for any challenge we're faced with. We don't do off-the-shelf.

We're human

We never forget we are a people business; we show warmth, empathy and respect for our customers and for each other, while valuing diversity in all its forms.

We do the right thing

We do the right thing in the right way, every time. We never promise what we can't deliver, and we're always compliant.

In a better place to help

Anyone can make promises, but the reality is often all too different. Many MSP providers will claim a global footprint with local in-country service, but when it comes to delivery, they’re often found wanting, with no true local presence. NES Advantage is different. With over 80 offices across 45 countries, our local experts have got you covered, ensuring you meet local regulations, building your local talent pool and ensuring they’re there, on the ground, to meet the inevitable challenges as they arise.

Solutions built around you, not us.

Our approach is based around meeting your specific challenges, not implementing our ways of working. 

We realise plans can change, so we adapt to new challenges quickly, scaling up or down rapidly to meet your needs. We work so closely alongside you to ensure the clearest communication and best outcomes, that it’s often hard to tell your team from ours.

We’ve got you covered

It’s not just about sourcing the best people. Whether it’s EVP, marketing services, mobilisation, building a talent pool in a specific region or meeting diversity requirements, we can help. We don’t just take full responsibility for making things happen, we’re fully accountable too, so you can focus on other challenges secure in the knowledge that we’ve got the rest covered. 

I could always trust them to do what was right. I could go on sabbatical for 6 months and know that they would do what I trusted them to do. And that’s a lot for me, that I don’t always have to look over my shoulder.
Labor Services Category Management Leader Global pioneering technology company

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