Expand your global presence

If you are looking to expand your global presence but don’t want to go through the lengthy process of setting up new local entities, you need a reliable Employer of Record partner. Without the right knowledge, you risk exposing your company to non-compliance with immigration laws.

Workforce mobility made simple

With offices in over 80 countries, NES Advantage has decades of experience in international expansion and award winners in both compliance and payroll, giving you a real advantage for your international expansion plans.

We can:

  • Help you to hire employees quickly, compliantly and with minimal risk.
  • Manage your talent roster, resolve your legal entity and employment requirements.
  • Ease your payroll burden and manage tax queries.
  • Manage strategic visa allocation and ensure local immigration labour law compliance.

We never promise what we can’t deliver

If we say we have people in region, they’ll be there and they’ll know the nuances of local regulation and be accountable for making sure compliance is fully managed. 

Whatever’s needed, we’ve got it covered. Visas? Sorted. Payroll? Leave it to us. Need someone to escort your new recruit to their hotel at 2am? You’ve got it. Need a better way to manage your global workforce? We’re in a better place to help.

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