Globalisation Strategies

Relocating Personnel

BACKGROUND: Our client is a world-leading provider of scalable, flexible and user-friendly digital radio infrastructure systems to industrial, commercial and public safety customers.


The client saw an opportunity to expand into new locations and subsequently introduced a globalisation strategy to be closer to their niche market and enable employees to be closer to their clients.

As part of this, the client planned to grow their operations through strategic hires – but this was a challenge as they had no legal entity in these locations and they were struggling to encourage the available talent pool (which was small and unique) to relocate to the new locations. They were also competing with much larger companies. To combat this, the client needed to hire local candidates by utilising Employer of Record Services through an established entity.


The client engaged us as a Global Mobility specialist so they could utilise our global footprint; by NES operating as their as their Employer of Record, they could grow their business in new territories.

This set-up prevented the client from going through a lengthy and expensive process of setting up a company in a new region. Instead, they were able to hire through NES and attract their target market of local candidates. The client chose NES because we had a local presence in their target locations as well as a large global reach when compared with our competitors. We have a combined experience of EOR, Global Mobility and recruitment services which is unmatched in the industry.

To solve the client’s challenges we provided them with:

  • EOR services which gave them a platform to grow their business and expand globally with a short deadline to market - they could begin hiring as soon as possible.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Weekly follow-ups, both in the location and remotely, which enabled us to develop a close relationship.
  • Access to a technology platform that enabled each employee / contractor of the client to have a consistent experience, which meant the client didn’t need to implement their own software.


Our established infrastructure in relevant geographies meant that the client was able to begin working in their new locations quickly and hassle-free. The first contractor was placed within just one week of NES winning the work. Had the client set up their own entity, it could have taken several months before they were able to hire in location.

We provided 3 key benefits:

1. Cost savings:

The client didn’t have to set up their own entity in location or acquire their own technology solution enabling them to get started immediately with little investment.

2. Compliance:

Our award-winning compliance team took care of all employer liabilities in-country.

3. Less administration work:

Our team alleviated a huge administration burden from a small company who had limited HR resources.


Due to the success of our EOR services, we are continuing our partnership in further geographies. To date we have supported the client in France, Canada, Spain, Finland and the UAE.

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