Success Story

Diverse Recruitment, Brazil

For over 20 years many areas in Latin America have encouraged private companies to reinforce their commitment to hiring personnel with disabilities and supporting them to enhance their skillsets. Whilst many companies have struggled to achieve this, our client is not one of them.

Their Diversity Committee in Brazil encourages their internal staff to adopt inclusive practices in their hiring, with a particular emphasis on diversifying leadership teams to ensure diversity becomes prevalent from the top down. This extends beyond just focusing on hiring people with disabilities.

For example, the company strongly encourages the inclusion of women in all departments and hierarchical levels as part of its drive toward gender equality in the workplace, with an exciting incentive programme for women in management.

Having had a close partnership for over 10 years, NES acts in an integrated and consultative manner, leveraging our developed talent networks and market reach to continue bolstering the inclusivity of hiring programmes to bring parity in the workplace.


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