Success Story

60 Niche & Specialist Roles Filled Within 6 Months

Our client is a global engineering company with over 15,000 employees. They provide products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry to help the world meet its energy needs. 


Our client highlighted a need for additional resources for a new project scope. They also needed to cover a shortfall following a re-organisation of the division and office relocation from Scotland to England. Because of the nature of the re-organisation, the scope of work needed to be undertaken in a delicate manner. 

The client had 60 niche engineering roles across Application Engineering, Software and Control Systems, and they wanted to fill these in 6 months. These roles were classified as ‘scarce skills’ by the client and all roles were business critical to the delivery of the new project scope.

The unfamiliar location, the nature of the ‘niche’ candidates required and the necessary time frame presented a huge challenge to the client.

From the outset, our client gave us the brief of delivering something innovative. They chose to work with NES exclusively because we were able to offer a total talent solution, knowledge of the local talent pool and we could access the skills needed quickly by utilising our huge a database of over 500,000 experienced professionals.


To tackle this challenge, NES;

  • Dedicated a team of discipline-specific consultants to the task. The consultants had extensive market knowledge and could therefore quickly build a skilled talent pool of candidates.
  • Created a multi-channel solution, including a dedicated recruitment website and a social media campaign designed to drive traffic and awareness.
  • Identified and attended trade exhibitions to raise awareness of the work being executed from the new location.
  • Developed a close partnership between the Management and the Recruitment Team with, weekly follow ups and reporting.

By holding weekly meetings and delivering detailed progress reports we were instrumental in reassuring the client and the Senior Management team that we had the project under control and were ahead of target to deliver the resource required within the timeframe.

  • Supported all interviews and processed offers including the issuing of employment contracts.
  • Managed all vacancies through the Peoplefluent RMS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) system, enabling detailed progress reports to be generated.


The expertise of our teams, combined with the strong relationships formed with the key decision makers and the candidates, in addition to our early engagement with the project lead to a successful delivery. By the six month deadline, we successfully filled all vacancies required.

We worked closely with our client as their sole supplier and were integral in helping them achieve the following results;

  • Accepted offers against all 60 roles. The 6 month timeframe was met one week ahead of deadline.
  • The key engineering team on the project was able to focus on delivering service excellence to their client and effectively execute project scope knowing that the recruitment was taken care of.

As a result of this project’s success we continue to handle the client’s recruitment post-deadline and thanks to an increase in project scope have to date delivered over 160 highly qualified candidates for their new office, which is 100 more than their initial requirement

We are the client’s exclusive supplier and handle 100% of their permanent and contract recruitment in the UK. 

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