Can Technology Streamline Your Recruitment Process?


Having a Managed Solutions partner can be a great asset for businesses looking to streamline...

Having a Managed Solutions partner can be a great asset for businesses looking to streamline their hiring processes because a partnership such as this often includes access to specialised technologies and systems that drastically improve both client and candidate experience. So, how can technology make your recruitment process more efficient?

Here, we break down how we implemented chatbot technology for one of our key clients. In this example, the technology allowed us to auto-screen and engage with candidates as soon as they applied for a role, ensuring that individuals received immediate interaction with NES.

This was particularly useful because our client was in the process of bidding for a major project from which they anticipated a significant number of new vacancies for roles across Europe. As the Managed Services Provider, we were tasked with identifying a group of potential candidates who had worked for the client in the past and were a comprehensive fit for these roles.

Why is chatbot technology so effective?

Chatbot technology achieves far higher response rates than the traditional approach of email campaigns, particularly when applied as part of a role-filling exercise.

This is due to a range of factors:

  • Many responses are obtained within the first 24 hours of initial contact, whereas a telephone or email campaign may take weeks of recruiter activity to obtain contact.
  • The technology enables immediate screening, which is not possible through traditional communications, allowing consultants to focus on building a pipeline of suitable candidates for future vacancies

The usage of a chatbot dramatically contributes to the success of a recruitment campaign by greatly reducing the time to contract. In fact, Chatbots deliver an average 20–25% response rate compared with just 4–6% via email-generated campaigns.

How does the chatbot technology work?

The chatbot uses artificial intelligence to mimic conversation. The benefit of this is twofold: it allows candidates to contact NES and discuss roles 24/7, increasing their engagement levels, and it streamlines the process for consultants by handling the basic initial administrational tasks associated with filling each role:

  • Using our Bullhorn software, we can set parameters for the type of candidate to be targeted (length of service, location, etc.)
  • The NES chatbot then sends a link to the candidate via email and/or SMS (depending on their preference), highlighting the job opportunity
  • The functionality of requesting documentation can be enabled on a vacancy-by-vacancy basis
  • The chatbot will auto-recommend candidates and provide NES with basic advice on the suitability of a candidate - freeing up consultants’ time by lessening their administrative tasks
  • Utilising chatbot technology ensures our candidate screening process is non-biased and filters candidates purely on skills and ability

Implementing chatbot technology to solve our client’s challenge

Utilising the chatbot technology, NES contacted our client-specific candidate talent pool via email and SMS.

A set of eight interactive questions were pre-determined for use within the pipeline regarding skills, experience, salary, availability, and location; in response to the candidate’s interest in the role, the chatbot asked relevant questions.

The chatbot validated email addresses and phone numbers to exclude those that were invalid, meaning we were able to identify the best candidates straight away. The chatbot was also able to contact relevant candidates in their chosen language, which further improved engagement.

Delivering a pipeline of highly qualified candidates using chatbot technology

The chatbot campaign we launched for our client was incredibly successful.

  • The campaign reached 1,491 candidates with a successful launch to 1,397 (after invalid contacts were excluded)
  • 26% clicked through to the chatbot
  • 18% answered four or more questions
  • 17% responded within three hours of receiving the message

The NES recruitment team achieved a significant pipeline of pre-qualified potential candidates for the client roles from this activity, which supported our client’s bid for work and ultimately ensured the project when ahead on schedule.

NES Advantage and Managed Solutions – we can help you with your staffing challenges

At NES Advantage Solutions, we are experienced in offering individually tailored Managed Solutions and can manage your entire workforce solution under a single operation, ensuring smooth and compliant processes. Whether you need help across multiple phases of a project or on an ongoing basis, we can help with your staffing challenges.

Our managed solutions offerings are:

  • 100% compliant – Our award-winning compliance team ensures all contractors are engaged compliantly when it comes to complex areas such as visas, taxation and insurance cover.
  • Industry-focused – we have experience across several sectors such as Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Power, Renewables, Life Sciences and Mining. Learn more about our sectors.
  • Committed to cost-effective and quick-start implementations.
  • A partnership – we align with your brand and can operate entirely in-house with your internal teams
  • Seamless – we work as an extended arm of your team
  • A great experience – for your employees undergoing a daunting relocation, your potential employees going through the hiring process and for your business with regular progress reports.
  • Technology-enabled - we utilize various technologies into a seamless tech stack offering flexibility, efficiency, and innovation

If you would like to talk to us about our Managed Solutions, get in touch with one of our experts today.