NES Advantage Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity, Marking a New Era of Innovation and Growth

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NES Advantage (NES), a global leader in MSP and RPO workforce solutions, is thrilled to unve...

NES Advantage (NES), a global leader in MSP and RPO workforce solutions, is thrilled to unveil its refreshed identity, marking a significant milestone in the brand's evolution and its ongoing commitment to innovation and growth.

Since joining the NES Group in 2017, following the acquisition of Frontica Advantage, NES Advantage has transformed from serving a single region to becoming NES's global Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) brand. This brand refresh symbolises NES Advantage's dynamic journey and continued expansion on the global stage.

The brand refresh follows a recent in-depth study conducted by NES, involving comprehensive engagement with clients and staff to understand what makes the NES Advantage brand unique. Client feedback consistently highlighted that working with the NES Advantage team delivers reassurance, flexibility, and peace of mind, reinforcing NES Advantage's dedication to providing a truly adaptable, customised, and partnership-oriented approach to projects.

Utilising the valuable insights from the brand study, NES Advantage has crafted a new brand positioning encapsulated by the new strapline: "Advantage, You." This new strapline epitomises the brand's commitment to helping clients achieve their objectives, emphasising a client-centric approach that prioritises the success and fulfilment of NES Advantage's clients.

"As we embark on this exciting new chapter, NES Advantage remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional service, fostering true partnerships, and putting the success of our engineering clients first," said Chris Foley, Global Solutions Director for NES Advantage. "Our refreshed identity reflects our dedication to innovation and growth, and we are excited to continue providing unparalleled solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients."

NES Advantage's refreshed brand identity marks a significant step forward in its mission to lead the industry in MSP and RPO solutions. As the brand continues to evolve, NES Advantage remains dedicated to its core values of excellence, partnership, and client success.

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