Why Should You Consider A Managed Solutions Provider?


Global workforces are changing. Clients are increasingly recognising that the best performin...

Global workforces are changing. Clients are increasingly recognising that the best performing teams are made up of both permanent employees and contingent workers. Having a blend of traditional employees and a more flexible workforce can bring about countless opportunities for growth and business development. But this style of workforce management is best executed by a single talent strategy. This is where managed solutions comes in.

A managed solutions supplier acts as your strategic business partner to both plan a recruitment strategy and then implement it. They assume overall responsibility for your workforce, operating under your brand when needed, to source and screen candidates and take care of all administration to ensure compliance within the supply chain, creating an adaptable workforce that evolves with changing market conditions.

What are Managed Solutions?

Managed solutions are made up of a blend of:

  • Managed Solutions Provision for contingent workforces (MSP),

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing for permanent recruitment (RPO),

  • Global Mobility programmes.

These services are underpinned by consultancy and there is no “one size fits all”. Each solution is different depending on the needs of the client, to deliver maximum value.

MSP – managing non-permanent workforces

Contractor numbers are rising and have grown by over a third in the last 10 years so MSP solutions are becoming increasingly more important. MSP is all about taking care of your non-permanent workforce needs and this can be especially helpful when market conditions change unexpectedly, when you need help across multiple phases of a project or when challenges such as visas for contractors, taxation and insurance cover arises.

RPO – strategic permanent hires

Although recruitment trends are favouring blends of contingent and permanent employees, having a solid permanent workforce is still vitally important for the success of a business. RPO is focused on exactly that and can enhance your internal HR department through the implementation of an integrated on-site recruitment model. It enables strategic permanent hires to be placed to meet business needs, keeping your operations ahead of your competitors and sustaining growth. RPO is a scalable in-house solution that can enable you to be more agile and prepare for peak activity.

Global Mobility – navigating complex legal landscapes

The world is only getting smaller – it is estimated that there are approximately 60 million expatriates around the globe. Clients are finding that a mobile workforce is becoming increasingly more imperative in the modern world. But this can bring about complex challenges if you haven’t encountered this before.

Global Mobility programs ensure complex legal landscapes are navigated correctly. When it comes to mobilising a workforce, each case is different and should be treated with the individuality it needs. Global Mobility, in essence, gets your mobile workforce where they need to be compassionately and efficiently ensuring adherence to tax implications and making sure your operations in any desired location are hosted compliantly.


What are the benefits of Managed Solutions?

When you engage with a Managed Solutions supplier, your business can gain several benefits; these include but are not limited to:

  • Streamlined costs - a strategic approach means there are no financial surprises. Third party spend is reduced by ensuring the supply chain is “fit for purpose” and invoices are consolidated and easy to manage.

  • Improved compliance – as the supply chain grows visibility reduces making it more difficult to ensure 100% compliance. Managed Solutions can guarantee compliance whether you are mobilising a candidate into new territories or hiring 3000 non-permanent workers for a project.

  • Transparency – increased visibility means you will have more control over your workforce strategy and associated costs.

  • Flexibility – when you engage with experts, recruitment and global mobility strategies can be scalable and adapt to market conditions.

  • Time to hire reduced – experts will have a large database of available candidates that will reduce your time to hire meaning you can focus on your business goals.

  • Technology & automation – Leaders require visibility, buyers require data and workers/suppliers expect anytime-anywhere consumer-like experience and interaction.


When to consider Managed Solutions for your business

Deciding on the right solution for you can be challenging. But, if you face any of the following issues, it might be time to consider Managed Solutions:

  1. Do you hire large volumes of non-permanent workers, sometimes across multiple locations where your business does not have a local office to host them from?

  2. Do you currently deal with several recruitment companies under different agreements and want to simplify this and reduce costs?

  3. Is your organisation growing too quickly for your infrastructure to support the number of hires you need?

  4. Are you facing significant external factors such as changes to employment legislation and need an expert to navigate this correctly?

  5. Do you have challenges with cost visibility and control with limited or no visibility of total spend, invoice management burdens, inconsistent pricing, and the inability to track worker’s engagements?


NES Advantage and Managed Solutions – we can help you with your staffing challenges

At NES Advantage Solutions, we are experienced in offering individually tailored Managed Solutions and can manage your entire workforce solution under a single operation, ensuring smooth and compliant processes. Whether you need help across multiple phases of a project or on an ongoing basis, we can help with your staffing challenges.

Our managed solutions offerings are:

  • 100% compliant – Our award-winning compliance team ensures all contractors are engaged compliantly when it comes to difficult areas such as visas, taxation and insurance cover.

  • Industry-focused – we have experience across several sectors such as Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Power, Renewables, Life Sciences and Mining. Learn more about our sectors.

  • Committed to cost-effective and quick start implementations.

  • A partnership – we align with your brand and can operate entirely in-house with your internal teams

  • Seamless – we work as an extended arm of your team

  • A great experience – for your employees undergoing a daunting relocation, your potential employees going through the hiring process and for your business with regular progress reports.

  • Technology-enabled - we utilize various technologies into a seamless tech stack offering flexibility, efficiency, and innovation

If you would like to talk to us about our Managed Solutions, get in touch with one of our experts today.